Company Profile


Faros Marine Services S.A. is a leading Piraeus-based specialist marine insurance brokerage delivering a wide range of risk management services tailor-made for worldwide clients in the 21st century. Faros’ clients are drawn from all sectors of the maritime industry and include ship owners, charterers and cargo interests.

Founded in 2004 by Spilios Fassois and George Theodossakis, both lawyers, Faros is a group of like-minded shipping professionals sharing common values and with a collective set of competencies perhaps unique in the broking market. Our clients enjoy single-source, end-to-end risk management services. These encompass not only marine insurance placing expertise across the full spectrum of risk, but also a hands on claims handling/legal advisory service from the drafting of the charter party to the issue of the Bills of Lading and the final discharge of the cargo. We believe that it is this capability that separates us from our colleagues and has allowed us to develop this distinctive business model. This seamless capability creates value for our clients and is we believe a powerful differentiator in the market.

With the benefit of hindsight it would appear that there was indeed a need in the market for such a business model and we feel privileged in our first decade to have become the trusted business partner of over 100 marine insurance accounts for hull and P and I alone, with a number of our clients based not only in Greece, but also in the Middle and Far East. This substantial book of business allows us not only to command the respect of the underwriters, but also affords us the ability to offer our clients the very best deals available in the market.

This success may be attributed to a number of factors, but we believe that at the end of the day, it comes down to our people who we consider our main asset. They make us different. In a service business we recognise that without the best people we cannot be the best. Reflecting this recognition we have a strong focus on attracting, developing and retaining top tier talent, sharing our values, so that we can continue to deliver a world class service closely tailored to the day to day needs of our clients.